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We present and reveal the potential of the Crimea in other countries and regions



One of the main activities of the Centre is the organization and holding of the events in Russia and foreign countries.

The purposes of these events are:

  • Creation of opportunities for dialogue between representatives of government, business and public communities of the Republic of Crimea with international business and cultural communities discussing important themes for the Republic of Crimea;

  • Formation of business relations between Republic of Crimea and foreign business community;

  • Formation of effective models of cooperation;

  • Opening the possibilities for potential investors;

  • Increasement of tourist flow in order to familiarize them with the history and culture of the Republic of Crimea.

Investment, cultural and tourist potential of the Republic of Crimea can be presented as a part of these events.

Foreign investors have the real opportunity to explore economic potential of the republic.

Our events are carried out to establish business relationship as well. There can be hold the negotiations for participation on investment projects realization and in development of the market of goods and services of Crimea.