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State autonomous institution «Business and cultural centre of the Republic of Crimea» was established on March 4, 2015 by order of Council of ministers of Republic of Crimea on November 25, 2014. The Centre operates in Moscow.

The main mission of the Centre is to increase investment attractiveness of the Republic of Crimea on the international level, as well as Crimean culture presentation in Russia and all over the world.

In particular, the Centre sets the following objectives:

  • Attraction of investments into various industries of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Expansion of international and inter-regional economic and cultural relations of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Formation the favorable image of the Republic of Crimea for other regions of Russia and world.
  • Acquaintance of the population of Moscow and other regions of Russian Federation and foreign countries with culture and achievements of Crimea.

In addition, the Centre assists Crimean enterprises in promotion of goods and services in the markets of Moscow, Russia and other countries, and it gives assistance to the executive authorities of the region.

The Centre organizes various types of events – festivals, forums, conferences, fairs, exhibitions – which intend to familiarize the participants with achievements and potential of the Republic of Crimea.


Kalmykov Sergey


Ivanchenko Yaroslav

Deputy Director

Vikhrova Zinaida

Deputy Director

Solovyova Elena

Deputy Director

Gafykina Elena

Chief Accountant

Tikhonova Tatyana

Head of the Department for the events

Zaitsev Alexander

Head of Investment and Foreign Economic Affairs

Pinchuk Sergey

Head of Organizational and Information Department