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Children from Crimea will come to Moscow on the Christmas tree

20 Dec Children from Crimea will come to Moscow on the Christmas tree

Every child is gifted. This thesis, put forward by the President in address to the Federal Assembly, could not agree more. If the talent to nurture, careful to treat him and encourage, he will give great fruit.

Business and cultural center of the Republic of Crimea were involved in a remarkable marathon special relationship with talented children, to their promotion, announced by Vladimir Putin, and picked up all the structures of power, including the Crimean.

GAU “center of Kazakhstan” with the support of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Crimea under the Russian President invited 40 gifted children from the Crimea to Moscow on the Kremlin Christmas tree. Besides the main event, children will participate in Russia’s largest interactive project Masterslavl is a city of craftsmen will visit the Great Moscow Circus, will see Christmas miracles in Moscow (the so-called new sightseeing tour of the city), will visit the Central Museum of the great Patriotic War, become participants of the folk entertainment programs in Izmailovo Kremlin “Christmas and New year.”

Crimean gifted children – winners of Olympiads, creative competitions, intellectual projects, will be in Moscow from 22 to 26 December 2016.