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Investment Activity

Seven reasons to invest in Crimea

  • Favorable environmental conditions
  • Unique geographical and economical location
  • High agricultural potential
  • Developed system of educational and scientific institutions
  • Crimea is the south sea gates of Russia
  • Crimea is a wonderful place for tourism and recreation
  • Crimea has the one and only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Russian Federation


Providing advisory and methodological services to investment entities.
As part of the performance of public services, for person are provided:

  • explanation and clarification of the investment activity legal system of Russian Federation;
  • development of business-plan, concepts, feasibility study, investment projects consulting;
  • provision of information and methodical materials of:
  • fundamental law and practice;
  • procedure of investment projects realization in the Republic of Crimea;
  • free Economic Zone (FEZ) in the Republic of Crimea;
  • investment projects realization based on public-private partnership.
  • assisting the potential investors in the design and materials preparation necessary for consideration of investor’s application.

Formation of investment proposals, support of investment projects at the pre-project stage. As part of the execution of public work, for investor are provided:

  • consulting and methodological assistance in preparing an investment project, including assisting the investor at the stage of forming the idea (concept) of the Investment project,
  • assistance in the selection of a land plot or investment site,
  • activities on the organization of interaction of the subject of investment activity with representatives of state and executive authorities, local authorities, as well as representatives of other organizations in accordance with the industry of the project, including the organization of meetings, negotiations, meetings and other business events.

Additional Services

The Centre has the right to provide paid services for private customers and legal entity:

  • Research of the market situation of the Republic of Crimea, monitoring of public opinion;
  • Provision of comprehensive information on individuals’ and legal entities’ requests, including foreigners, about investment potential of the Republic of Crimea, about priority sectors and areas for investment;
  • Preparation of analytical materials and information inquires of the social and economic development and investment policy of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Search of the objects required for investment Research implementation of potential targets for investments on the real sector of economics of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Support of investment projects which are realizing or plans to be implemented in the Republic of Crimea;
  • Visits organization to investment sites and to the enterprises of the Republic of Crimea;
  • Other services provided by the Statute of SAI «Business and cultural centre of the Republic of Crimea».

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